"A century has passed since a botched alien invasion destroyed most of mankind. A majority of the world exists in anarchy as a mysterious ice age grasps the planet. Fundamentalist religious cults and opportunistic slavers have caused much of the world population to become a chaotic cesspool. The remnants of Canada, the United States, and Mexico banded together to form the North American Confederacy or NAC, maintaining it as the last bastion for civilization. 

Within the NAC, Lady Amaelia Peterson is King George the Tenth’s most important agent. Despite her age, she has been given broad reach to protect the realm and its people by whatever means necessary. This tasking puts her in the driver seat of her own, oft prophesied destiny. 

Together with her team of NAC heroes, Peterson must head off a series of disasters, identify new threats, and further the security of the NAC in this broken world. She will have to navigate these challenges and establish a new paradigm for American nobility before the chaos of the world overwhelms her fate."

Jump into this damaged and dangerous world with the first novel of this gritty military science fiction series. "A Chaotic Destiny" introduces you to this world and will leave you wanting more.

Now available digitally for Amazon Kindle for $3.49  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T7WO7P6

Hard copies available soon! Check back for updates.

Cover photography and design by Dan Francis. Check him out at www.danfrancisphotography.com

Cover Models: Deanna and Audrey

Logic show us what should happen; Reason tells us why it didn’t...