…at the intersections of fate, those willing to take control of their destiny…will begin to shape the destinies of all…

"A series of savage attacks against the North American Confederacy have compelled King George X to take action. When tragedy befalls the legendary Special Forces unit sent to counter the threat, things go from bad to worse. Under ever increasing pressure, the King must make an impossible decision to save the Confederacy. 

Meanwhile, Sergeant First Class Maduk Sanderson finds himself alone in hostile territory, captive of the Jehud and the insidious Overlord Pickering. He must survive a vicious sequence of pit fights while protecting the secret martial traditions of his people. 

His hand forced, King George issues the order to find and extract Sanderson at all costs. The long shot rescue mission is given to an elite pair of NAC Special Forces snipers: Typhoon Team. 

Can they infiltrate enemy controlled territory and retrieve THE LAST IMMORTAL before time runs out? 

Hold on!"

The second installment of the "Chaotic Destiny" series steps up the intensity and the consequences could be dire indeed. As the scope of the series expands, you will want the "The Last Immortal" to provide answers; but it will leave you with more questions and sweaty fingerprints on your tablet reader...

Now available digitally for Amazon Kindle for $4.49 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01780UNP6

Hard copies available soon! Check back for updates.

Cover photography and design by Dan Francis. Check him out at www.danfrancisphotography.com

Cover Models: Toni, Matt, and Zac